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I road tested the Garmin when it first came out and it quickly became my “fifteenth club.” The only time I looked at a yardage marker was to check the accuracy of my Garmin. My only complaint with the Garmin was its short battery life and occasional loss of connection with the satellites.

About a year later, I stumbled upon a new, unknown branded GPS watch by a company named ESN (Express Satellite Navigation) which made the WR67. The WR67 claimed to connect to more satellites (67) and provide longer battery life that it’s competition (which, at that time, was the Garmin). Not only did it connect to the satellites quickly and stay connected throughout the round, there was still 75% battery life remaing at the end of the round compared to almost none with the Garmin. The WR67 also had features that the Garmin did not have such as the ability to set your tee time on the watch which will activate the GPS at that precise time. It also provides you with the total time your round took once you’ve turned off the device at the completion of your round.

The course mapping on the WR67 is provided by iGolf, a company that maps golf courses for a number of handheld distance measuring devices. I was playing Liberty National, in Jersey City, NJ and found that the distances the WR67 provided me on hole 18 were inaccurate primarily due to a redesign of the hole. I sent emails both to iGolf (who got back to me right away and provided me with an update within a couple of days) and to Garmin, who never got back to me, for three years now and counting.

Earlier this year, ESN decided to pick it up a few notches by releasing the WR72 (72 satellites), a luxury GPS watch designed to be worn as an everyday piece of jewelry. The WR72 comes in both polished and brushed titanium with an anti-reflective crystal, stainless steel buttons, leather band from Hadley Roma, and a smooth, curved face. The WR72 comes with the same great technology as the WR67.Brushed_Family The only indication that it is used for golf is by the tee flag image on the casing. Other than that, it makes a rich, classy presentation that I guarantee your favorite golfer will be thrilled to wear.

The reason you might never have heard of ESN is due to a licensing agreement between Bushnell and ESN who provides the technology to Bushnell for their watches. So, if you already own a Bushnell watch, you also won an ESN.

The WR67 is available on their website, for only $149.99 as is the WR72 which is priced at $249.99 for the polished titanium model and $269.99 for the brushed titanium. All three watches come with a 2 year warranty. They have great customer service and truly value their customers. Available at

Do you think I like this product? Maybe just a little.

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